"Jennie is amazing. She is the most knowledgeable, skilled, professional healer I've ever had the privilege to meet. Her acupuncture skills are incredible. She truly cares about a person and their dis-ease. She's relentless in her pursuit to help her client improve. Both my husband and I are clients of Jennie's and we can't thank her enough for her patience, understanding and ability to improve our physical and emotional health. Everyone should see Jennie! "- G.A.
"I have been a weekly patient of Jennie’s since she founded Zendigo Acupuncture & Holistic Health. I receive full-body acupuncture for general wellness and specific treatment protocols for physical injuries and illness that may pop up. In addition to the various treatments she also provides consultation regarding the appropriate Chinese herbs and essential oils that help my general health as well as specific needs. Jennie’s traditional and non-traditional knowledge and support have made a noticeable difference in my physical and mental well-being. Jennie goes far beyond the traditional therapist/patient relationship. Her knowledge and professionalism are only surpassed by her sincere interest and desire to help me achieve my physical and spiritual goals. Her commitment to combining treatment, consultation, counseling and friendship make her stand out in a very competitive industry. Jennie has my highest recommendation, respect and love!"  - Aaron E.
I am finally healed! "I am an avid exerciser and an NPC Figure Competitor and my muscles are constantly sore. Since I need to train six days a week my body is truly not getting enough time to repair my muscle soreness. I went to Jennie and she worked her wonders on me with acupuncture and made my muscle soreness go away! I cant’ thank her enough for helping me get my body from good to great! I highly recommend Jennie!" LeAnn B.
Feeling Balanced "Working with Jennie has united my body and mind into working together to relieve sciatica pain that I have been living with for years. I highly recommend visiting Zendigo Acupuncture to work out your own personal plan for your needs." Amy K.
Awesome "Jennie has amazed me at how she can make you feel better so quickly. She listens to all aspects of your concerns and history and makes detailed and informed decisions. She has helped me get back to the gym in short order. I highly recommend Zendigo Acupuncture for kinds of ailments." Larry L.
"I always feel so relaxed after my treatments. I was suffering from right knee pain and after my treatment it took a few days but the pain went completely away and has not returned." Terri W.
"As a gardener, acupuncture is a necessity for me on a regular basis. Jennie is always in tune with what my body needs. She is also very thorough. I also love the act that her room is calm and healing with essential oils and other healing frequencies." Kat D.
"My son with special needs had a great experience. He was comforted and treated with dignity and respect and enjoyed a gentle touch. Although he was treated extensively he did not experience any discomfort, rather immense relaxation and freedom from his chronic spasticity and pain." K.A.
Superb! "I highly recommend Jennie! She is thorough and knowledgeable. She has helped my daughter who is a gymnast and also is helping me with my back. She is kind and caring and really understands and offers different types of treatments to help in any way she can. We just love how great she is and being able to trust that she knows what she is doing and that she is very accommodating is important to us." Karla M.
Exellent "I will be a lifetime client of Jennie! The amount of attention and care Jennie provides for every treatment is extraordinary!" G.M.
"Jennie has worked on several ailments for me and I have been amazed at the results and how quickly my body has responded positively. My back had ached from an injury 15 years ago and I now can get out of bed in the morning without pain and having to stretch to be able to function. Over a year after tearing my hamstring, I still had issues and felt a knot in it. After 2 sessions with Jennie working on it, I felt the tension and knot release and I now am able to run and play ball pain free. I attribute this to Jennie’s knowledge and Traditional Chinese Medicine." Mike S.
"I had never tried acupuncture before but Jennie said she could help me and I totally trust her so I decided to give it a shot. I had been experiencing numbness in my thumb and shooting pain in my arm for approximately 8 months. The numbness was constant but the sharp pain in my arm was primarily when I stretched it a certain way. The pain would start at the thumb and shoot up into my shoulder.  She was extremely gentle and pleasant during the entire procedure. I was surprised that I didn't experience any pain while she was inserting the acupuncture needles. After the treatment was over, I felt better but not perfect. She told me it might take a few days for the numbness and pain to go away and that's exactly what happened. Within the next two days it was completely GONE!! I was extremely happy that I had her treat me. Now, I immediately give her a call when I'm experiencing pain or discomfort. It's absolutely amazing how she has helped me over and over again." Gaylene P.          

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